Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Turning Points

   The Clarion Blog discussed the turning points in a story, and these are the turning points in my own story ....

Turning Point 1: Chalano Marchus looked up to the president of the Student Council just like all of the other students in his school did. John Paolo Ontagio was good-looking and multi-talented. But everything changed when John suddenly made racial remarks on Chalano's foreign best friend and began bullying them.

Turning Point 2: Chalano realized how evil John really was. Nobody would dare say anything wrong to John because John was the best. Chalano planned to defeat John in the annual writing contest of the school, because nobody ever won that contest other than John. The students just had to see that somebody could be better than John. Chalano began to write about the mysterious deaths in his neighborhood.

Turning Point 3: John suddenly apologized for all of the wrong things that he did to Chalano, and he became Chalano's ally. Chalano couldn't trust his former enemy. John said that he wouldn't join the annual writing contest. It was the only year that John wasn't a participant in the contest, so Chalano would take the chance to gain John's reputation before they graduated. But John's former "minions" wanted to stop him.

Turning Point 5: The killer came to the school to, what else would a killer do? John and Chalano had to stop him, and .... I have to stop right here because this is going to be a major spoiler.

   Now, I will start publishing the first part of the story ....
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