Sunday, September 13, 2015

Developing My Poems

September 6. 6pm
I'm currently shifting between tragic themes and happy-ending themes in my poetry. Gregory Nagy said that "Love poems have universal appeal." But it depends on what kind of love poems.

I said in April that my reputation as a poet was poetic shape-shifting. I kept writing my poems from different POVs, and some of my poems actually featured more than five personas speaking at once. But another reputation I've had as a poet is writing love poems about dangerous men.

I was alarmed when I first learned about this. I always go through that moment when I'm like, "Whoa! Really? You like that poem?" But still go on to thank the reader for giving feedback.

I still haven't figured out what it is about those poems that people like. Right now, my guess is that it's just the overall theme of the common good-girls-love-bad-boys and opposites-attract idea. I have to admit that there truly is something captivating about the idea of opposing forces who just can't seem to leave each other alone. I don't know.

All that I'm doing now is develop that theme and bring it into some helpful and meaningful conclusion. Because my best critics say that my poems still lack in one-of-a-kind conclusions. They say what I achieve in poetry right now are just refreshing imagery and emotions.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Suspect No. 5

Slide, ripples of the sea.
I think I'm losing breath.
Cold fear inside of me.
Have I once tasted death?
Whispering down my neck,
He turns my soul into wreck.

Something strange and creeping,
One I both fear and love,
Watching feelings seeping.
All the secrets I have,
They're all within his grasp.
All I can do is gasp.

When I feel so helpless,
And I feel so loveless,
And very defenseless

I try to cover up.
How I try to conceal,
For I wish him to stop
Feeling the way I feel,
But dreams go on and on,
Bringing the real along.

Friday, September 11, 2015

The Only One

The flowing river halts,
All of the honey dries
When moon and sun dance waltz
And all the shadows rise
To keep Earth from breathing,
And the snakes go writhing.

It is the sight of death.
A painful, dying soul.
Though I still have my breath,
I lose my own life's role
To see what's beautiful,
To sing what is truthful.

O a dark day will come
When there'll be break to drum
And only good to some.

When you're gone from this world ...
O let that day not be.
I'll cherish you in cold,
I will set your soul free
Because you are my love,
The only one I have.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Writing and Programming

September 6. 5pm
After scheduling my posts and tweets, I'll be back to preparing my project for Computer Science. I wouldn't be writing lots of things here about my course, because we have rules against students who talk too much about information that is supposed to be kept only within the course.

All that I can say about Computer Science is that it's fun and addictive. I love the logic, pattern and how we are encouraged to stay out of redundancy. My friends know too well how much I freak out about every exam in the course and how I think I'm doomed because of those exams, but that's just me. I have some form of personal ritual in which I panic before anything happens, so that I can remain calm once it does happen. It's just like lament in premonition of epic poetry.

Lament in premonition is a feature of Classical Greek epic in which female characters mourn future deaths even before anyone dies. I don't know if the ancient Greeks did it for the same reason as mine, but I actually wrote a poem titled "Lament in Premonition" in regards to how some of my poems unwittingly foresaw something. My poem does not sing of death, though.

Anyway, computer programming is a lot like writing novels. I get an idea, I write down a set of tasks to achieve the idea, and then I lay the plan to see if it's possible and if it works. Just like with novels, I have to keep stepping back and observing if the finished project created the exact same impression that was originally in my idea.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015


Twirling, swirling, bright flames
In the darkness of night
Within the underground games,
Where I can see no light
Only deep temptations
To ends of sensations.

I hiked among the rocks
And the vicious rapids,
Tried to soak these dark locks.
Nature you can't impede
In your search for reason
All throughout the season.

Questions only destroy
The beauty these employ
And the delightful joy

Of a spirit that longs
For something that is real
More than the joyful songs,
For something I can feel
In the world of the fake.
On hopeless leaves, they rake.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

In the Land of Crazy

Blue tiles all o'er the floor.
Ideas, they're twirling.
The talk that I abhor.
Storm inside, it's surging,
But for his blood, I thirst,
O this is all the first.

Only a stopover.
Yeah, that was what it was,
For humans need cover
Just like a flirty lass
Teasing and then hiding.
Showing, never giving.

This place is just crazy.
They're not very lazy,
But sanity's hazy.

I want my own life's worth.
Work and give me logic.
Leave dreams, be back to earth,
For of evil they reek
And my dear poetry
Reflect their trickery.

Monday, September 7, 2015


Like a river that split,
Like sun's rays that glow down,
Like the four seasons lit
In classic orchestra
Beside the perfume store,
Where I felt in my core

The need for another,
Another smooth liar.
Our lies may bother
Like the playful friar.
It's just the way we live.
Creations I conceive.

They also come from his
Mind that won't ever miss,
Though our looks can please

Even the greatest kings.
We work behind the halls,
Flying on a ghost's wings.
They delete our calls,
For they need our help
More than our own self.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

My World As a Writer

September 6. 4pm
I should have scheduled this blog post last weekend, but now I'm still writing it after skipping my early Sunday schedule. I'm sorry for missing 8am of Philippine time.

I just finished scheduling my tweets on HootSuite and will add my Facebook posts after writing these blog posts. I gotta write three blog posts in one go. Before logging in to HootSuite, I was on Twitter and Facebook.

It's nice to watch the writers in my Twitter feed. It's seeing the publishing world develop, get reshaped, and increase in size and power. There was a prediction back in 2009 that the world will become less and less literate as we all welcome modern technology. This prediction was based only on the idea that we'll be leaving our books. What few people realized was that writers will only keep up with the times and move books to the Internet. The publishing world is more diverse and advanced than ever.

On Facebook, all that I remember seeing in my News Feed are Stephen King, John Gilstrap, and Jessica Khoury. John Gilstrap seems to be more active on Facebook than on Twitter. His last tweet on Twitter was in May. Jessica Khoury seems active everywhere, on both sides of writing (the craft and the promotion). She's also on Instagram.

Stephen King brings his signature creativity everywhere, even in his interview in the NYT. I wonder what his secret is.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

State of Craziness

Let's forget metaphors.
You always make me high,
Thinking of things through force,
Things you'll never know why,
And things you might not like.
Don't join me on my hike

For I might just push you.
Don't ever stand near me,
For you don't have a clue,
You make boundaries free,
And I'd like to bite there,
Somewhere near your dark hair.

You know now I'm crazy,
So don't you be lazy,
Though your thoughts are hazy.

This is all your own fault.
If you do like to know,
For you've touched lines of fault,
And the tremors still grow.
I wish you'll love all these.
For real joy I so miss.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Where the Roads Meet

This is the golden path,
Amidst all the green leaves,
Away from the gods' wrath
For a mind that conceives
A new beautiful place
And all of Nature's grace.

Ours in the flowing sea.
Where do these waves take me?
The future I can't see,
Like an epitome.
I can see the small signs,
When they're put together.

They create a strong view,
Like the reader's review.
Balcony in Bayview.

Where the sunset can shine,
Where the shadows are gold,
And the trumpets still whine
About spirits so bold
And lovers who behold
The beauty of flowers
In the April showers.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

All the Events Recently

September 2, 2015. 7pm
I disappeared from Twitter, Facebook, and this blog from Sunday to Tuesday because my family and I moved to a new place. I was so busy helping with the move and adjusting to our new place and my new life. Now, I'm back.

I just finished scheduling my tweets for this week. I forgot to schedule the posts on my Facebook page, but I'll go back to HootSuite to add them once I finish this blog post. After all of these scheduling business, I'll go back to my own life.

I've been keeping something away from you: I've been enrolled to a Computer Science course, and I just joined them about two weeks ago. I just wanted to have a little bit of secrecy, so I delayed saying it here. I concentrate better when no other living thing knows what I'm doing. But because of this course, the editing of "10th Commandment" will slow down. Don't worry, I'm still working on the book during my free time. :)

Before I go, I'd like to talk about what's happening in the town of my childhood as of the time of writing this post. At 11am today, a truck that was going down the Barangka flyover in Marikina City lost its brakes and crashed into several other vehicles and people in front of M. Cruz Street. 2 people died and it took hours for the paramedics to remove the other patients from the crash site. My friends and family are still talking over the Internet and over the phone, because my family are kilometers away now and can't go over to help. We could have gotten there if we were still in our previous home in Project 4, Quezon City.

I grew up in that area of Marikina (in the neighboring street, M. Gonzales Street) and in the 9 years that I was there, I saw a whole lot of car crashes and deaths. The worst during my time was in January 2007, when a young girl got crushed between two vehicles. It was bloody and violent, but this one is still worse than that.