Sunday, April 30, 2017

Catching Up to GloPoWriMo 2017, Day 24: Charlene

I am the youngest child.
I'm cute, but bad and wild.
I am the eldest child,
Everything right and mild,
And I'm the middle child,
Very perfect and kind.

My dad worked in the news,
But you'll never find him.
Mom bought lots of makeup,
But her face is still bare.
I had a young brother,
But I'm an only child.

My cousin is adopted,
But I am the outsider.
The big house belonged to us,
But we got kicked out of it.
They sold us out to save him,
But he still lost his life.

My real name is Bobbee,
But my name is Bata.
Just when I had no teeth,
He said I bit like a cat.
It takes a group of people
To defeat one, little me.

I lived in Silang,
Lived in Marikina,
In Quezon City's fang,
In eastern Manila,
Lived in Mandaluyong;
Count every location.

I come from the farthest
Of mountains and valleys
To arrive earliest.
I am the "retard" who solved
The problems he can't solve.

I can draw his whole face
Without looking at him.
I was most miserable
When I had everything.
Also, I took control
To let go of it all.

Been dating everyone's crush
Without leaving my house.
I was extremely poor
Because I was extremely wealthy,
And I fell in love
With someone you don't know.

I've been on a shelf
Even before my book.
She said she'll stay with us,
And then she moved with him.
I have been renting
The room of a squatter.

I had all the relatives
To make me feel unloved.
I am not hearing you
Because you keep talking.
I don't look like the culprit
Because I am the culprit.

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