Wednesday, April 19, 2017

GloPoWriMo 2017, Day 19: Novel Creation

It starts with the "What if?" question,
And then the idea starts to build.
Do you choose a character,
Or do you choose a plot?
Either way, you will begin this lot.

Will your protagonist be good-looking?
Will your protagonist be cursed to ugliness?
Add where he will be lacking,
And give him a lot of kindness.
Create him in contrast
To the villain who rises fast.

Who will be his best friend?
Who will be his lover?
Which message does it send
When it's put together?
But before you do this,
Here's what you shouldn't miss ...

Where will your hero live?
Will the readers believe?
Will it be beautiful
With fountains plentiful,
Or will it be so dark
Like the cave of a shark?

You're on your way to tell
A good story so well.
On this plot, they will dwell,
Like a nice tune you hear.
To your heart, it is near.
You'll listen without fear.

Will there be wizards old,
And strong giants so bold?
Don't make the pages fold.

In the name of thy muse,
Guide the words that you use.

Hold your pen and write now.
Write now.

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