Friday, April 21, 2017

GloPoWriMo 2017, Day 20: Play By the Winds

Nylon thread round racket.
Every hole, every end
In a uniform set.
And the thread turns to bend
Around this whole hoop
That form a net in loop.

Held in a square pattern,
But always not too tight,
So it may bounce, return
The shuttlecock in flight
Back to the other side
In this green court so wide.

On this sunny summer
In the clearing of trees
Near the moving water,
Winds stronger than the breeze
Take charge, for the buildings
Are far from all these things.

Give it, I want to serve.
I want to start the game,
So I can track every swerve,
Every movement and name,
Each of your hidden tricks,
For which my soul still seeks.

Because I'm here for you,
For the very challenge
Under summer sky blue
That pulls me to the edge,
And get my vibes running.
Every throw, I'm hitting.

To bring it back to you.
It can't be on my court.
With every wind that blew,
Dragging those feathers forth
To wherever they wish,
You better make a switch.

To move with the movements,
Oppose this great Nature,
Agree with elements.
Can you really endure
The way that these winds join?
Challenging every joint.

They're making my arm ache;
You still can't touch my court.
Although the sun does bake,
This will never abort,
Hitting softer, stronger,
Depend on winds' anger.

Whoever can't predict
The way that these winds move,
Whoever isn't strict
Will have a score removed.
There's a high that you'll see
In the last victory.

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