Sunday, April 30, 2017

GloPoWriMo 2017, Day 29: My Other Half

I can tell just everything
About the mountains
and birds that are flying
As I walk on the grains
Of gentle Demeter,
I can't do it better

Than your powerful strength
That can carry the rocks
Along the longest length.
In these, the small me lacks.
I'll just watch in wonder
And on this I ponder

How you have everything
That I just never have,
But you can never sing
The power that I have
In every word and rhyme.
Maybe you can just mime.

But still, I so need you
To put order up here.
All ideas I blew
Into the winds not near,
You can collect again
More than before, you can.

So take my hand a breathe
The air that comes from you.
Be yourself from beneath
My every art and clue.
Together, we're a whole
And we make just one soul.

In all your odd features,
In all of my problems,
This love rebuilds and cures
In all unique emblems.
Though our troubles have grown
When we were our own.

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