Sunday, April 30, 2017

GloPoWriMo 2017, Day 30: Redezvous

When I lose direction
And I'm just careening
Without a reflection
About where I'm going,
You're always catching up,
You're there to make me stop.

When I fall to the ground,
You can always catch me
And guide me all around,
For you can make me see
What others just cannot.
How you help me a lot.

I'll always count on you,
For you're reliable.
Helping me make it through,
Made me strong and able.
Though you make me suffer
Each day, I am better.

In your arms, in your gaze,
Everything can unfaze,
Though I'm lost in your ways.

To know you is power,
Meeting you is special
Forever and ever.
Praising your words, I shall.
Words that float to my ears
In your smile through the years.

Spying behind the trees,
Inviting me again.
Now, I am the one who sees
That there's never an end,
Only every new clue
That will begin with you.

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