Friday, April 7, 2017

NaPoWriMo 2017, Day 7: Different Stories of One Internet Troll

The NaPoWriMo prompt for today is writing a poem that looks at the same thing through various points of view. My poetry entry is, again, about one of my stalkers. These are the things that people have told me about him. He likes to troll people.

They say he sometimes pretends to be a man who can't move on from a past relationship and seemed to be eternally heartbroken. They say that, at other times, he pretends to be a job applicant who likes to recite his job interview answers to random people. "I talk to him on Sunday and he says his interview is on Monday. When I talk to him on Thursday, he's still preparing for an interview. He's like that every week," a man told me.

A close friend of mine said she knew one of his troll account, which claimed to be a military man who was looking for a wife on the internet. We all know that real military men don't even have to go online to find women, though. Real military men get chased by women. Also, real military men don't announce to everyone they're military.

The last stanza is the overall theory of the moderators about him in another website. They said he tried to convert people to whatever religion he had, and that he used lots of computers that kept changing locations. They said he posed as a female in the Middle-East. They said he liked to use the names of the other users.

Different Stories of One Internet Troll

A man going through heartbreak,
He is hurt and lonely.
Though his phrases can break
To something not manly,
Stories that sound made up,
But he will never stop.

He's a job applicant,
Training for interview,
Forgetting things, he can't
As he recites his view
For the questions they'll have.
He never gets the job.

Gross, disgusting pervert,
Forward and insulting,
Thought processes revert
To basics while speaking.
An evil pedophile,
Here to pass for a while.

Highly military.
In a break from service.
In love with eyes starry
With pretty, online miss.
In his own, lonely life
And unclassified lie.

African needing help
Over something so obvious
Because his unlucky self
Just found the perfect muse
To pull him out of here,
Begging in every tear.

Man wearing a burka,
In love with little boys,
Copying each mama.
For his god, you rejoice
With all his computers.
Suspecting commuters.

To brighten things up from this weirdness, with regards to looking at the same thing from various points of view, check out "A Dog's Purpose." I recently watched the movie. There is only one word to describe it: p-e-r-f-e-c-t. I just have to recommend it because I so love that movie.

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