Sunday, August 6, 2017

I Breathe Riddles

See colors in music,
Forming these ideas
On the faces I seek,
Every tapped beat that was
Created by fingers,
Each from my hand lingers.

All the movements I make
Are based on a rhythm,
Absorbed from things I take
From the Nature I skim,
Faster than every thought,
Combining the whole lot.

To be made of symbols,
Where there are no more walls,
And every rule made falls.

I always breathe riddles,
Making you think over,
And make you rekindle
The touch of a lover.
Though there is one dancer,
There is no one answer.

The solution's in you,
You're beating every clue
In your heart every time,
Keeping up like a rhyme,
Reflecting like mirror,
Forming a new color.

The story is in you,
'Cause your life's always true,
Like the clashing of chime
Against another chime,
What are you breathing for?
What are you fighting for?

Struggling to stay above,
Holding on just like love,
The love that we don't get.
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