Sunday, February 25, 2018

Today was a Victory

Today had many pains,
A lot of suffering,
In the thunder and rain,
Holding and restraining
With a steel hand of bad,
Things that held all I had.

Today, there was bleeding,
Spilled all over the floor
From droplets from the ceiling,
And sliding down the wall,
I know, I stopped breathing
As my soul went wreathing.

Today, there was no sun,
And not a sight of land,
Every good deed undone.

But today, I have yearned
For freedom and power,
Through the pains, I have learned
To be stronger, better,
So today, victory
Fills everything I see.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Come to Shore

Tentacles gripping me,
But it's gotta let go,
For I am breaking free,
Though not so long ago,
It held me in embrace
Of death, torture, and madness.

It is beyond my words,
Beyond what I can tell,
The horror it affords
To create in the well
Of the tears I have cried,
But only gods decide.

The escape to the edge
Of the sea like a ledge.

Stumbling across the sand,
Legs in moving motion
To the waves I once had,
Free from that delusion,
Now, what does this new land
Have to give me a hand?

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Living Conditions

The sink is on the roof,
The bathroom is missing,
It's in the neighborhood,
Leave your bed, go looking,
It's the last neighborhood,
As if you still feel good.

Bed gets wet when it rains,
And you get wet also,
So stand up when it rains,
For you are no fatso,
Many bones can stay straight,
Stand up all night and wait.

And they say you're lazy,
Wondering you're crazy,
"He needed a kidney."

You're busy surviving,
There's no time to listen,
No time to get hurting,
When everything's taken,
And you have to squeeze through,
Just so you make it through.

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Revenge and Justice

It's tsokolate ah,
And tsokolate eh.
It is a pariah,
And many noblemen.
It's an insanity,
And controlled sanity.

It's human emotion,
The dark side of living,
It's against good motion,
Although it is moving,
And it is so shocking,
But it is not stopping.

Do not fret, my dear friends,
For there's a line that ends
In between the two bends.

For in justice, we work
Just to right what is wrong,
A spoon with every fork,
The weak helped by the strong,
Justice is the balance,
So give justice a chance.