Friday, July 22, 2011

"Crab Mentality" Preview

   My story is not about food, but I think that it could remind someone of food. Look, the protagonist loves tuna, the name of one of the prime characters rhymes with "cauliflower", and the title of the story is "Crab" (but,later in the story, I would write about the real significance of crabs in the plot). Before I start sharing the story with you, let me tell you first what it's about. Maybe we all need a little preview ....
   It's about Chalano "Charlie" Marchus, a 15-year-old secondary school senior and a member of the local Youth Council. He seemed so normal, so ordinary, but he had a secret. This secret kept haunting him in the form of recurring nightmares. It wasn't just in his nightmares, it was in his memories. As the story goes on, his memories aligned with the present. People perished, one by one, just like the lives in his past. This time, though, the deaths left no trace behind. It was as if the victims didn't even exist in the first place. Either he was a victim like everybody else in the story, or he was the killer himself.
   Whew! It's so hard to tell you about the story without giving too much spoilers! I spent this day writing notes for the final scenes.I'm not anywhere near those scenes yet, but it's always good to plan ahead so the writing would be smooth with lesser need for revisions. I won't count those notes into the number of written words for the Write-a-Thon because they're not really in the story.       
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