Friday, July 29, 2011

Official Title: "McFinalee Brotherhood"

   I just finished writing 1360 words for "Plot2", and it finally has a real title. It's the "McFinalee Brotherhood." Maybe businessmen who like innovative ideas would like it. It's about management, finances, theft, betrayal, and hidden grudges. I almost threw it away because the plot seemed hard to deal with. The story is supposed to happen within the span of two days. The lead character is a male version of me, but  he's probably only 50% like me.
    It's about Shane McFinalee, a 20-year-old graduate of Psychology who had founded a public foundation that helped out-of-school youths. His younger brother, Stephen, worked in the packaging section of the foundation. The vice chairman of the foundation was Magmund Celer, who had been Shane's best friend.
   Magmund told Shane that Stephen was stealing money from the foundation. The foundation was, indeed, missing some finances, and Stephen later got caught with the money. The issue sparked a stronger hate between the brothers, stronger than the grudges that they had had about each other in the past. 
   Well, just remember the story elements that were mentioned in the Clarion Blog, and you might have a clue how "McFinalee Brotherhood" would end. This story doesn't have the length of a novel. The final part is already making me cry, though, and I wish that I would be able to end it well.
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