Friday, July 20, 2012

Kingdom's Crest

Around me are wood, waxed.
Beautiful, wooden chests.
Chests contain heirloom. Next.
Doors; thick in the west.
Everything’s old; no mess.
Feathers from the chickens.         
Grey and soft from the best.
Howling from an owl’s nest
Into the kingdom’s crest.
Jousting has gone darkest.
Kilometers were farthest.
Love is unluckiest.
Many days, my dearest.
Nothing will be greatest
Over all the richest,
Powerful men in desks …
Question me; it’s a test.
Rather than stay in fest;
Something’s not worth their jest
Than this life, my dearest.
University’s quest.
Voila! It’s the present!
When you leave the saddest,
Xerox was the biggest,
You’ll come back happiest.
Zonrox has no good taste.

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