Wednesday, April 1, 2015

And the Bloodbath Begins

Finished my writing playlist, "Best of James Blunt." (Wrote about it in my previous post.) I've arranged the songs from quietest to loudest, with the last one being a feel-good one. I used to hate "Bonfire Heart" because of its cut-up sentences, but now I associate it with a certain movie. I still can't find "Heart to Heart," though. Dunno where Spotify placed it.

I've been unable to decide between keeping the original draft of "10th Commandment," and writing a new one. The original accurately captured the atmosphere of the situation that the protagonist, Evelyn, was in. But it also had its bad side, like unnecessary chunks of words and characters whose actions didn't correspond with their personalities.

The decision now is to rewrite the plot, recreate the characters, but keep certain scenes from the original draft. Will be spending the whole of April changing the parts that I hate. I will include the scenes from the original draft in June, one month after Camp NaNoWriMo.

Here's the synopsis:

Evelyn is a Neuroscience student/food review blogger/photographer. She hates her address. The only reason why she can't leave is that she must protect her lonely and aging mother, who can't leave the place. The place is in the slums.

One day, she decides to include the slums in her photography.

All that a person needs is a little rest. To think. To learn the truth. She realizes she's been part of a dangerous and rising cocaine empire.

Running down the mountain in fear as the house exploded in bright flames behind her that night, she wanted to turn back.

Note: As of publishing this post, it's April 1 in my country. The NaNoWriMo organization is based in California, US. I have to wait a few more hours for their April 1 to start my writing.

The same goes for NaPoWriMo. I'll publish my first poem tomorrow, after their blog post for April 1 is published.

Also, the title is inspired by a quote from "Legally Blonde," "Let the bloodbath begin."

Photo is mine.

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