Thursday, April 30, 2015

Happy Fiesta!

I was just in Barangka, Marikina City for preparations for tomorrow. It's surreal when I walk along a street and people stop and smile at me lol I grew up in Barangka and they still remember me as a little kid. I've recently been catching myself doing the same thing when I see children who've grown up. It's nice.

I took the photo above only a few hours ago. Tomorrow will be the fiesta of Barangka. A fiesta is a Filipino tradition that originated from the celebration of farmers for their good harvest. In modern times, we celebrate the date of our fiesta with street dancing competitions, music and other performances. Our street dancing is consisted of tribal war dances, complete with tribal clothes and face paint. It's a colorful and upbeat celebration of Filipino culture and tradition.

Everyone is invited to our fiesta. Sadly, I wouldn't make it tomorrow. I'll be somewhere else. I hope that it will be as great as it was back in 2008, my last year as a Barangka resident.

My poem, "Whatever," was inspired by a group of artworks. I just listed down the words that the artworks made me think, and put them together in a poem. I was trying to create a poem that expressed so much emotion. I think that I lost the rhythm by the final stanza, though. I was distracted by then.

For the final day of NaPoWriMo 2015, we are being made to write a poem in reverse. Another option is to take a poem that we published earlier this April, rewrite it from the last line to the first, and do any needed changes.

I've been nervous about what might be the final challenge for us, because it might be the hardest challenge. But this one is fun. I chose my poem from "For Day Fifteen." That poem had a certain rhythm and pattern where the beginning connected with the end. I wrote it in the same way that I wrote my first book, "An Unknown Narrator." So it's easy to write this poem the other way around. I didn't have to do many changes.

Poem My Dear
Only your humble words.
More than their deadly swords,
Though nothing do you have,
You're element of cope,
You're defining love,
You're the whisper of hope.

Just like the bull's eye darts
In the most serious arts,
O you live in the hearts.

From the word that starts do,
Blend like a tornado,
Where all water and fire
For life, and you agree
In same way you inspire,
In the same way you free.

Emotions sure you squeeze
As fragrant as the breeze.
The sweetness of beauty,
Inspiring sound of force
Desiring unity.
Words that convey colors.
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