Sunday, April 5, 2015

Tragic Romance

Yay, it's finally Easter! I can finally laugh out loud while reading Internet jokes.

Been daydreaming of changing the design of this blog. My good friend said that the "Features appear to be in the expected places." That's why I'll stop tinkering with the layout and page size. The only thing I'd like to change now is the color choice.

I'd like to change the color theme to black and blood red. I'd like to make the font style look like it's from a hacking software. I'd also like to add components that give links to crime fiction blogs, list publishing news, and have a poll about books.

Anyway, here's my response to the optional challenge for NaPoWriMo 2015 Day Four. I actually wrote another poem for it, but I accidentally deleted the poem. It's not easy to rewrite a poem, because my poems are like snapshots of unique moments. It's hard to bring back the same impression. So I replaced the poem with this.

And ... how do I credit my photo without sounding possessive? Haha, been writing "photo is mine" too often in my recent posts.

How We Used to Be
In this cold, cold evening,
Under the dark blue sky,
Hearing not a bird sing
As the gusts of winds fly,
I sit down in my thirst,
Then I think of the first.

You're the first thought for me
In every, single day,
And the last one I feel
As my thoughts start to fade
Into the world of sleep.
And now, my soul goes weep

As I look at the stars,
Like small, erupting wars,
Where we can become scarce.

Like the real world tonight.
Although I still know you,
You're only on my mind.
He doesn't have a clue
Of how we used to be,
So he won't set me free.
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