Sunday, May 24, 2015

All Things Music

Actually, Spotify used to be not available in the Philippines. When I told this guy about that, he was like, "Noooooo!"

Then he asked me to open a word document on my computer, and copy his favorite songs. I am that patient. *sarcastic tone* I didn't copy his favorite songs. While he got busy typing his favorite songs, I went to another tab and checked out if Spotify was already available in my country. It was.

So, after like, 15 minutes of waiting for him to type all his music, I told him, "Well, this is awkward, but I learned that Spotify is already available in my country. It's nice."

Yeah, saying "it's nice" sends off a feeling of happiness that can be quite contagious, keeping him from yelling, "Why didn't you tell me?!"

He gave me his Spotify playlist. Because we were supposed to be legit in the site where I came from, I signed up with my real name. Charlene Delfin. BIG mistake.

Within a few days, my very personal Spotify page was swimming across Google. In public.

You know, when I create personal web pages, I use pseudonyms to keep Google and my stalkers from tracking me down. But my Spotify page was right there in the middle of Google. Suddenly making it private was not an option.

When I started blogging again in late March and shared my Spotify page, I was like saying, "Okay. I give up. My personal Spotify page is now my public Spotify page."

I've actually created another Spotify page with a different name, but logging out of the public one and then logging in to the personal one takes too much time. The neighbor's noise will get into my consciousness in those few minutes of Spotify absence. As of this moment, I'm into a new form of musical escape: Private Playlists.

I'm currently listening to "Just for Tonight" by One Night Only. It's my song for the Center for Hellenic Studies of Harvard University. The lyrics describe what Classicists do. We call our lives "a lifetime of study."

Yeah, many people interpret the song as running away with someone. I interpret the song as something else, since I'm cynical of the idea of running away. I mean, just where do they think they're going? It's still Earth.

Yup, I've written a poem titled, "Run Away with Me," but it's inspired by those words that Mindless Self Indulgence bassist Lyn Z wrote on her arm with a black marker (to which her future husband, My Chemical Romance lead vocalist Gerard Way, responded by writing on his neck with his own black marker, "Anytime You Want.") Those lines became the lyrics of "Summertime" by My Chemical Romance. I hate the song, but I love the couple. They are so the same.

You should check out "The Gravel Road" by James Newton Howard. It's currently my fave in all of Spotify. Too bad, I didn't watch "The Village."

Anyway, in my novel, I just finished writing the first chunk of words last night. I'm gonna write more chunks of words tonight. The writing is so hard to get into at the beginning, but so hard to get out of while I'm in the middle of it. (Photo credit: me)
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