Thursday, May 28, 2015

Between Fiction and Reality

Odysseus has always been my favorite fictional character. "Fictional," because there is still no clear proof that he was ever a real person.

There have been lots of speculations, especially in the Center for Hellenic Studies, that he actually existed as a real person. There has been archaeological evidence of his cults, which ancient Greeks built to worship real heroes. But Odysseus is that type who will truly be hard to track down. He is a spy and a strategist. There actually came a point in the analysis of him in my class when we came to a blank ending in his story. It was either he died an unknown death, or he managed to transform himself into a more unrecognizable disguise to keep the most intelligent people from following the story of him. He's like a shape-shifter.

Anyway, last Sunday, I finally watched "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close." I've tried watching that movie years ago, but couldn't find it. The kid just reminds me of my younger brother. The character of Gerald in "10th Commandment" was originally inspired by my brother. My brother died when we were very young. He had no mental disability, though, and neither does Gerald.

The movie was about the 9/11. It's quite a coincidence, because my previous post mentioned My Chemical Romance. The band, even though they're strange, was inspired by the 9/11. The charity group I created on FreeRice, "I.Q. United," had its name inspired by the "United 93" movie. I created the name around the idea of strangers working together to maintain what is good.

"Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close" gave me a headache on Sunday night. No other movie has made me feel that horribly sad. But I still managed to edit parts of the first half of "10th Commandment." Last night, I finished doing the final edit on the first 18% of my novel.

Note: This is a scheduled post. My new blogging schedule is on Saturdays and Wednesdays. I hope to maintain this schedule, despite already being busy. We will see.

(Photo credit: me. Taken on May 25. Was on a travel to the place that inspired my villain's home when I passed by this car that was shaped like a giant shoe. Marikina City was hosting a shoe bazaar in time for the start of schooldays in June. Marikina has always been famous for manufacturing good shoes.)
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