Thursday, May 7, 2015

Change of Plans

Has been spending my free time doing a bit of management. Writing in these NaNos can be so confusing, and those months always leave me kind of blank. Unable to focus. That's why I love the NaNo after-party called, "Now What?" That's exactly what's on my mind whenever I finish a NaNo: Now what?

When I get so confused, I list down what was happening before what happened and what was supposed to happen after ... well, this is getting truly confusing. Simply said, I just recalled my original plan and created a new plan based on the results of April. So here's part of the new plan:

1. Edit "10th Commandment"
2. Edit "From the Human Chain"
3. Publish parts of "From the Human Chain" on this blog

I'm not very sure about certain parts of "From the Human Chain," and I need people's feedback on them before I turn it into a finished book.

My villain in "From the Human Chain" is inspired by Odysseus. That's why I said in my other post that I knew him well. The main song I listened to while writing the novel last year was "Surrender the Night" by My Chemical Romance.

I like to classify my villains by "most." The villain of "From the Human Chain" is the most intelligent. The villain of "Only the Good" is the most violent. Writing one of the scenes in it made me throw up. I can't find anything likeable about that dude. The villain of "10th Commandment" is the most attractive. Yes, the reader who asked about Luke Evans is right. I did base a bit of my villain on the actor. The "10th Commandment" villain is based on more than ten great real-life people, and Evans has been one of them. It's like mixing great identities to create one, perfect character.

On Bubblews, I'll soon be back on publishing poems. I started there publishing only poems. And my next posts here will be scheduled.

Currently listening to Mozart's "Rondo Alla Turca." Reminds me of that guy on YouTube who joked that Mozart might have forty fingers hahaha (Photo credit: me)
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