Monday, May 4, 2015

Deja Vu

Just finished watching "John Wick" with my family. We loved it. Some scenes creeped me out, though, because they had strong similarities with scenes from "10th Commandment."

I bet that many other writers have gone through this. Like, writing a story without publishing it, and then watching a movie that has similarities to the story. It's pretty creepy and also interesting. Five movies have creeped me out in this way so far. They caused me to put some changes to my plot just to be unpredictable. Like, You know, girls at the party aren't supposed to be wearing the same dress ...

Actually, I spent much of my free time in the recent days figuring out my impression of "10th Commandment." Last night, I wrote a list that honestly declared the other reasons why the story makes me uneasy. Because I'm starting to get the feeling that certain people might actually find the story fun to read.

I've been having thoughts based on the list I created last night. Like daring myself to publish it in exactly the way that I wrote it this April, and adding the extra scenes only if necessary. I spent the early hours of this morning reading the book again, thinking if it could be acceptable if I forgot the memories that I associate with it.

Anyway, thank you for visiting my blog today and in the past days. Thanks for the comments, likes, retweets and more. Receiving feedback helps me write better content.

Yes, we lost in the match. I mean, Pacquiao lost. Whenever he has a fight, the whole Philippines are united in supporting him. Today has been a sad day for us and many people are planning a rematch.

On Bubblews, I reviewed "Exodus: Gods and Kings."

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