Sunday, May 31, 2015

Exactly Which is Which

I read my blog posts for the whole month of May on 6pm this Saturday, Philippine time. I said so many contradicting things this month. Reading those posts gave me questions about what I was actually trying to say, and I'll explain some of those things on this post. Some of these questions have also been asked by my readers in the past.

Q: I said that my new schedule for blogging is Wednesdays and Saturdays. Why was I gone last Saturday?

A: Because I forgot to say that my new blogging schedule will be keeping up with the time in New York, US. 8pm of Saturday in New York is 8am of Sunday in Manila. Most of my connections in writing live in New York.

Q: Why do I seem to love villains so much?

A: Because caring about the villain is an important part of my writing style. A writer is supposed to be not biased, and sympathizing with the villain lets me see the story from all sides.

Q: Why do I love Odysseus? He's a villain.

A: In Classics, Odysseus is not a villain. It's only in modern times that he began to be considered a villain. In Harvard analysis, Odysseus is the man behind the victory of the Greeks. Not Achilles.

Q: Why do I say that the place that inspired my villain's home is beautiful, when the real-life description is so ugly?

A: "10th Commandment" is set in many, different places. Its main settings are three. The villain owns many houses. He likes to move from house to house. But he considers only one of these places his real home. The place that inspired it is not the one that I described in "Truth Behind Fiction," and it's also not Marikina City. It's Antipolo.

Thank you for staying tuned to this blog this May. It's always nice to know you're still reading, despite all the irregularities in my writing. I'll try to be clearer and more direct.

Also, my first book took 3 months to be edited. "10th Commandment" might take 4. We will see.

(Photo credit: My sister, Christine Delfin. An old photo of me outside the Antipolo Cathedral. The bishop there is my uncle. He was also the bishop who blessed SM Marikina. People call him Bishop Gabriel Reyes. Don't think that my villain was inspired by him, though hahaha Oh, no. :D )
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