Friday, May 15, 2015

Parts of a Day

I just finished writing my 81st poem. I have around 500 poems in all of my collection, and 90% of them are already published. In all of the poems that I wrote since I was 14 (the age when I started writing poems), the latest will be somewhere in the number 880.

I was supposed to start scheduling my blog posts like, two days ago. But this is still not scheduled. This is still live. I'll get to scheduling posts one of these days.

Earlier this day, I had a very nice conversation with a stranger online about the facts of writing. I like to befriend random people online every now and then. Most people consider this dangerous and I discourage you from doing it, but I haven't been in any kind of trouble so far. The hobby has actually earned some of the most valuable friendships I've ever had. There are so many intelligent people out there whose honest opinions matter. And whoever was the person I was talking with, I wish him all that is positive because I learned a lot from his advice. (Some of them become my real friends who I get to know more and more each day, and some are just like him. Staying anonymous.)

My close friends have always made it clear to me that they're unable to give good writing advice because they're not writers. They're in other fields.

Been going on with my usual life and got back to writing tonight. I spent the past two hours rewriting the plan for this blog. I removed certain topics from the plan. Now, I'm gonna get back to editing my book. I'll be rewriting the first part of it, and then remove unnecessary scenes. (Photo credit: me)
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