Monday, May 11, 2015

Well, it Was Fun

Last Saturday afternoon, I traveled to Marikina Heights. It was a beautiful day. Marikina Heights is a very beautiful place. It has neat roads, organized buildings, and lots of plants and trees. There was something about the trees that blended beautifully with the blue sky, just like a painting.

I was sitting next to the glass window of one of their food stores by 7pm. It was just so surprising to look outside and see a storm. The beautiful trees were suddenly rocking wildly in the strong winds, the sidewalk was already a bit flooded, and lightnings kept flashing. I took a video of it.

Soon, the lights of the store went out. The customers screamed and got scared. Everything was black. A man in the car outside switched the headlights of his car on to guard the door. The headlights that shone through the glass helped the employees of the store find their way around and fix the lights. The lights went out again later, and this time, they couldn't be fixed. My mother, who was with me, gave me her camera phone to take pictures of the brownout. Her camera had a flash, helping me take clearer pictures in the dark. My sister, who was also with me, and I later took selfies in the dark haha

I finished and left the store. Outside, the whole area was dark. Every business establishment and house had no lights. People crowded under the extra roofs of some stores to take shelter from the strong rain. It was the kind of rain that, even when you have an umbrella, will still reach you. Because the strong winds were blowing the raindrops sideways. I remember how my mother joked about the storm back in 2009, "The rain here is so strong, that it will enter your ears."

I crossed the highway in the darkness and waited for a cab out in the open. The shadows of the trees were swaying this way and that around me. All that I can hear was rain. There's something about storms that's so wicked. Not only do they soak you, they also attack you with chilling winds, flood the ground 'til you're wading in the waters, try to turn your umbrella into an uncooperative parachute, and twist your hair into knots. But the storm that night wasn't as bad as the ones I've faced in the past. On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the worst, it was on 2.

The lightnings flashed every five seconds, turning my surroundings into a white world for split-seconds. I learned to memorize the ground whenever the lightning flashed, so that I can move about in the darkness without slipping or stumbling. I crossed to the other street and went back to the highway because there was just no cab. At the other side, it was quite surprising whenever the lightning flashed. It exposed the crowds of people who had collected under the waiting sheds. They stood close together like the penguins of Antarctica.

I ended up in a jeepney. It was full of tense people. Some passengers had been soaked in the rain. We traveled in the night, past flooded streets. The floods fly and spray to the sidewalks on either side of the road when you drive a vehicle at full speed, showering anyone who was unlucky enough to be standing on the sidewalk.

That night just reminded me of what it was like to be a resident of Marikina during a storm. It was fun.

The storm eventually stopped and my family and I even managed to have a family day yesterday for Mother's Day in Marikina. The winds were still stormy, but it was more preferable than the annoying hot days we've been previously getting.

I've been unable to get back to Bubblews because I've been busy editing and organizing the poems I've written since last year. The last time I looked, there were 75 poems in my collection. But I've written more over the weekend. So there might be around 80 by now. I've also been trying to figure out how to shift the topic of my Bubblews page from movie reviews to poetry.

In "10th Commandment," I've been doing more research. And in my other lives, I've been planning my new schedules. Most of us these days are living multiple lives.

Update: It's 4pm of Monday right now. I was supposed to edit and post this earlier, but this woman called me on another trip. I said I'll blame it on her if I get late here, so this is totally her fault haha (Photo credit: me. The brownout)
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