Thursday, June 25, 2015

A Writer's Devils

It's 4:04A.M. and I'm rewriting this blog post for ... I lost count. Last night, I finally finished writing one of the most challenging scenes of "10th Commandment." So relieved to get it over with.

Never sit next to a box of chocolates when you're trying to concentrate. Because the chocolates always win.

One of the most terrible enemies of writing is distraction. Noise is our main devil. I think that food goes next. And ... for me, YouTube. YouTube is the wonderful, dreamy, and beautiful land of procrastination.

Those clock and alarm apps that they let you download online are actually useful when you need to finish something on time. They keep my concentration intact. I had an analog clock app floating in my desktop in my previous laptop. I think that I should download a new one.

Of course, after you've sacrificed your comfort zone just to deliver a good novel, you should celebrate. Last April, I promised myself that when I finish Camp NaNoWriMo, I will go on a road trip to Antipolo. I already got that. Now, after finishing this novel, I think I'll ... wait. I still can't decide what I want to do to celebrate. I'll let you know what it is once I've decided.

I'm currently listening to this. It's my fave movie theme song ever. It's from "The Next Three Days."

Speaking of movies, I just watched "Survivor" a few hours ago. It's totally my kind of movie theme. The story could have been far better, though. I hate the ending. It's corny. Also, I've been waiting for Kate to get a disguise earlier in the story, but ... alright, I won't spoil another movie. I'm starting to develop the bad habit of spoiling movies for other people, and it should not be maintained. All I'm saying is, no other female lead movie character can be more memorable than Beatrix Kiddo.
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