Sunday, June 28, 2015

No Bad Timing, Please

It's 2:48A.M. of Friday. This post will be published on 8:00A.M. of Sunday. I just decided to write blog posts before continuing to edit "10th Commandment." In my previous post, I wrote about the main distractions in writing. Honestly, this blog has been another distraction.

It's like, I'm writing my novel quickly and without writer's block. And then I have to publish a new blog post, so I observe my readers and choose my topic. After writing my blog post, I have to review my novel outline all over again just to get back in the story. It's always like that and it causes so much delay in writing, both in the novel and on this blog. Things would be faster if I did only one thing for a longer period of time.

I just hope that I won't make a mistake. One of the things that happen to me in scheduling posts is bad timing. Like, when I've always hated Nutella and wrote about why Nutella is so yucky. And then I meet a person who convinces me that Nutella is actually good, and I tweet about how Nutella is so nice. But the tweet comes out at the same time as I've scheduled the post that said I think Nutella is yucky. I mean, it can be quite a trouble to schedule posts. I always have to have things all planned out, and must check back every now and then if there are any statements I'd like to take back before they're out in the public.

Note: I don't eat Nutella. I just used it as an example because almost all of my friends keep talking about it haha

3:19A.M. Update: I joined Camp NaNoWriMo July 2015. Here's the plan. If I still don't finish "10th Commandment" once July starts, I'll write part of it for Camp NaNoWriMo. And then switch to "Only the Good" once "10th Commandment" is finished. It's allowed. I did that last April 2014, when I switched to the middle of "10th Commandment" after finishing "From the Human Chain."

All I have to do now is prepare the outline for "Only the Good."
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