Sunday, June 7, 2015

Quick Post

It's 4:54am of Sunday in the Philippines. I just finished reading an article from the old Newsweek. Before that, I was listening to my Spotify playlist and writing down the memories that the songs brought back. I use music to remember. Before that, I was planning to sleep.

Yesterday morning, I was struggling with my villain again. After spending so much time in the minds of Evelyn and Gerald, it's always hard to move over to the villain's mind.

I went to Antipolo the other day. The weather was so great. I love to describe traveling up there as "a free fall." When the vehicle you're on travels at full speed down the mountain, it's like you're falling. The winds are so strong and the trees pass by rapidly. All you see are the numerous cities far below the mountain range. It's both scary and fun.

Well, I'm truly tired right now. My insomnia was back in the past seven hours. Please excuse the shortness of this post, I'm just very tired. I'll try to write a longer post next time. (Note: Still looking for a photo.)
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