Thursday, June 11, 2015

The Other Way Around

It's 4:17A.M. of Thursday, Philippine time. You know, I shouldn't have done what I did last Sunday. I mean, cutting a post short just to doze off haha That was wrong. Shouldn't do that again.

I just spent the past hours writing the recent story behind "10th Commandment." It's about everything that happened to me starting January 2015 to present. I need to keep track of these backstories because I gotta focus on the real meaning of the novel.

Anyway, I said in my post, "And the Bloodbath Begins," that I was simply going to revise certain parts of the novel and finish it. I said that it was because the first draft had characters whose actions didn't match their personalities. I also said that I will leave the novel in May and return to it in June to mix its revised parts with the best parts of the original draft.

I ended up revising the whole story. I got to the part that I left in 2013 at around the first week of Camp NaNoWriMo. I was focused on the words "diabolical" and "twisted" while writing it. I finished writing the whole story early and read it. Well ... it did end up being diabolical and twisted. So horrible, that I decided to add a good side of the plot just to make it gentler.

I kept writing the new version until the end of April, winning in Camp NaNoWriMo. Once I got enough free time and consulted blogs, books and other writers about my concerns, though, I learned that I shouldn't worry about making it merciless. It's just how crime fiction is written.

So I removed the additional plot and just put together everything that I wrote in April. After rereading it, I noticed that some scenes were so vague. It's like I was thinking of something else. I've been rewriting those parts to make them alive, and I'm staying within the original "diabolical and twisted" elements.

The only part I'll never change is the part where the villain raised his gun to the protagonist's head. It's never as it seems.

Before I go, check out this article about writing novels. It's hilarious!

(Photo credit: me. Taken on June 4. A new mountain that I visited last Thursday. It's a little opposite to Antipolo.)
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