Thursday, June 18, 2015

They Still Want the Villain

It's 2:37A.M. of Thursday in the Philippines. I'm going to write this blog post before continuing to write "10th Commandment," so that I don't get too sarcastic again haha

I mentioned in my previous post that the villain does not sing. I just love to create variety in my writing and had to make him different from all of the other villains. He's my only villain who likes to dance. You know, I don't really dance. I had to research on a lot of dancers for the character, and had to settle for who most people consider to be the best, Justin Timberlake. It's horrible how I had to watch the whole "Mirrors" music video just to get to the final dance part, describe it in writing, and trasfer that description to the description of the villain.

In another topic, I was just reading my journal before writing this blog post. Life had been too busy to keep a journal, but the man I mentioned in "Parts of a Day" advised that I do it everyday to keep myself from accidentally spilling my deepest secrets on this blog haha He was like, "Put your private thoughts on your journal, and put only what needs to be said on your blog. Maintain a solid line between the two."

My friends have always been horribly curious about what I write in my journal. They think it's all about some guy that I've been secretly seeing when they're not looking. That's funny. In the past, a few have succeeded in stealing my older journals to read them and share them. Unfortunately, they never found what they were looking for. *evil grin*

I was just rereading my entries about the creation of the villain. I mentioned in "Just. Keep. Writing." that the origins of the character are unclear. Each entry just flashes back to a certain time in the past that involved the same character. Just going back through the years. The last year was 1990. The character turned out to be my only creation that wasn't inspired by a person. It was inspired by an idea.

The character was in my first ever novel. I wrote it at the age of 10. I never finished it, but it was titled "206." It was about a 14-year-old boy named Leonardo, who kept witnessing murders. As the story progressed, he was somehow connected to each murder and had been causing people to get killed. I don't know if I can revive the novel, since I can't imagine a good ending for a story that had a questionable protagonist.

(Photo credit: me. Taken last Sunday in Barangka, Marikina City. The summit of the mountain in the distance is Antipolo City.)
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