Sunday, June 14, 2015

They Want the Villain

Sitting here in front of my laptop at 7:22AM, Philippine time. I had been writing my book, of course.

The power of procrastination is so irresistible, that I wrote only 1,600 words instead of 2,000. Wait, I guess I'm sounding as sarcastic as my villain again. That's just because I've been spending too much time with him again. He is that one character on whom I'm free to be as sarcastic as I please. I usually control the sarcasm in other places because people totally hate it. Anyway, fave line from the villain for now: "Don't even grow a brain to whack me right now."

It surprises me how people want to know so much about this character. What is so special about him anyway ... hmmm. Well, he's hot. This guy isn't afraid to break the rules. And I can predict my friend asking me after reading this post, "Well ... Charlene, is that your idea of 'hot'?"

Of course not. There are many other facts about the character that I'm not saying. I was trying to read a new article from my friend in writing last week, when this message from my curious friend kept popping up, "Who's Luke Evans?"

I don't know much about the actor. In fact, I learned about him only last April, while I was frantically looking for real people to base my villain on. It's just by coincidence that he has also played many other characters who have been in my poems. I heard him sing just yesterday and, my, he sure sings well! Too bad, my villain is the only villain I created who does not sing. All of my other villains love to sing. It's one of the traits that distinguishes this character from my other characters. I think that my villain will sing if we threaten to kill him. Joke.

God, I'm bad at jokes.

Anyway, I got to start my Sunday now. I'm officially having a cold. There have been so many times before when I had to write while being sick, so this is nothing new. Will be back to writing tonight.
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