Sunday, June 21, 2015

Where Both Sides Meet

It's 3:08A.M. and I just finished having a break. A few hours ago, I was in the mall, buying Father's Day gifts. The previous nights have been spent rewriting more of "10th Commandment." It's 68% finished. I'll always remember how I wrote that novel, because I never imagined it to be like that. Well, I'll maybe write about what happened one day. It's just too beautiful, that I have to keep it to myself for now. :)

Anyway, novelists like me are quite known for loving a whole lot of music. We listen to music while writing. Most people think that it takes a great deal of silence to write a novel. Truth is, it's one way or another. Total silence does help in writing a good novel. But if noises keep getting in the way of your concentration all the time and they're out of control, blocking them with a noise that you prefer also helps in writing a good novel.

Most of us love rock music. As for me, I listen to a wide variety of music. Screaming rock stars also help me focus, but I switch to Mozart's melodies every now and then. My top faves for writing both novels and poems are My Chemical Romance and, yes, Mozart. Symphony No. 40 is goooood.

Still, there are BAD music for writers. For me, "Pompeii" and "Of the Night" of Bastille always kill all inspirations for poetry. I don't know why. I find their songs and music videos unforgettable, but I focus on them only when I really need to stop myself from writing. Like a break mechanism for writing.

We also have to constantly promote our works on our own. It's horrible how this has more effect on whether our works will get read or not than our writing style, but it's the moment when we have to be totally careful with our words. I can't tweet when a couple of people are fighting next to me. It gets me in fight mode and my tweet ends up seeming so like a war freak. That's why some of us still listen to music beyond the time for creativity. I met this Eagle Scout last year who listens to screamo metallic rock when responding to his fans, because it keeps his spirits up.

For me, only a few songs force me to be sunshiny smiley happy. Two of them are "Brighter Than the Sun" by Colbie Calliat and "Stay the Night" by James Blunt. Such sugary corny music, but it works when I'm trying to deal with another one of those people who've misread what I wrote.

My Chemical Romance is not for Twitter. They only make me yell at people, and behave like I have too many problems with everyone. So the band stays in the time for writing novels and poems, and not for sending smileys to new readers.

During my break from writing a while ago, I added some lyrics and synced them on the Musixshakes app of Spotify. It's fun to give lyrics here during break time. Today, I did "Desiderata" by Les Crane. In April, I did "King Park" by La Dispute. In May, I did "Hallelujah (Chorus)" from Raymond Leppard, "We Will Have Won" by Ben Mink and "O Salutaris Hostia" from The Cathedral Singers. Please let me know if the lyrics got misspelled.

Oh, and by the way, I'm currently listening to this. The movie wrecked the real Greek epic poems, but the song says it exactly as Homer meant it. (Photo credit: me. The photo of my previous post views Antipolo from Marikina. This photo views Marikina from Antipolo. I can't even see it from here.)
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