Sunday, July 26, 2015

Stories Behind Stories

Camp NaNoWriMo 2015 July has only 5 days left before it ends. I have 43,000 more words to write. I plan to finish "10th Commandment" tonight. I wrote the climactic scene last night.

The ending in the first draft of "10th Commandment" ended differently from the ending of this current draft. The first draft ended like the movie, "John Wick." This new ending is based on the feedback on my blog post, "Quotes from My Novel."

They have this thing in creating books that they call "author appeal." It's what the author of the book thinks compared to what readers think. The ending of the first draft was based on author appeal, and sharing parts of the novel helped me change that. Author appeal is allowed in creation of books only if the author's thoughts are truly exceptional. Based on my current understanding of writing, though, the readers' opinions outweighed my own opinion about the story. After all, the first draft was based only on what I thought of what my readers will think. The feedback on that blog post gave me a clearer view on what my readers think, so I changed the ending.

Writing a novel is truly far more complicated than just writing. Whenever I talk to people about how I plan each scene and what the metaphors in the story actually represent, they get creeped out haha That's why I never tell what my stories and poems actually contain and just leave the interpretation to my readers. It would take a very thick book of juicy information to reveal all of the stories behind "10th Commandment," and I don't think I'll be the one to write that.

It's the reason why I chose to write crime fiction in the first place. There are just some true stories that are too true to be told. I mean, let's create fictional parallels instead. (Photo credit: me)
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