Tuesday, July 14, 2015

What Happened

Here's what happened:

A woman at home recently got into the habit of picking a fight with anyone she sees. It's unbelievable how people tried to bear with her personality. As the one who lives nearest to her, I've been her primary target. She liked to yell at me that I've never accomplished anything and that everything I do will simply get me killed. It was starting to get to me last week.

On Thursday, I was in that part of the house that had no lights and the back of my clothes had gotten stuck to something. I was reaching behind me and trying to undo the rope to free myself. She found me and demanded that I move aside. Of course, I couldn't move. I was about to finally finish undoing the rope, when she hit my back with a flashlight. She was saying her usual insults again.

I finally moved away, but turned to yell at her. "Enough! Stop it!" Bad move. She only got angrier. She screamed louder at me, waving her umbrella at me this time. It was in one of those waves that she hit my head with the umbrella handle. I still don't know how to describe the feeling of it and I don't want to remember it right now, but it was most like wearing an extremely tight helmet. It was painful. I just leaned there, holding my head in my hands. It's hard when you're not supposed to fight the person who just hit you. To my surprise, though, the woman stopped talking. I didn't know that that was the way to stop her. My sister came and gave me my mother's cold towel. We went to the hospital.

I went home a few hours later and decided to have a 3-day vacation from everything. I wrote messages to my friends to let them know I'll disappear, and wrote my last blog post.

It was nice to stay aloof of almost everyone. It's in my nature anyway. I just reviewed my Harvard Classics course, read indie books, studied computer programming, and just relaxed with my family. It's nice to hang out with people who have the same sense of humor.

My injury has turned into a bruise, and my sister and I have been coming up with all sorts of jokes about it. My friends can't find anything funny about it, though. They get alarmed by it. Everyone's been extra nice, helpful, and considerate in my old town. We even got a discount on ice cream. Yummy. :)

The good things that the 3 days of vacation brought are: my insomnia got cured, I'm writing poems again, and I got new ideas for writing.
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