Thursday, July 16, 2015

What They Say

I finally received critique on the first chapter of "10th Commandment." It's always better to learn the bad news first, so that the post will finish with the good news. The bad news is that the readers totally hate my extremely short sentences, the way I replace proper names with pronouns, and how I leave the overall ideas to my readers. They have other complaints like the real motivations of each character and some misplaced words that I didn't see while writing the novel.

Extremely short sentences has always been the main characteristic of my writing, even computers complain about it. I just write in the same way that I speak.

I don't talk much, I hate to explain, and I'm soft-spoken. Writers are very quiet people. It is said that a writer must know herself first and must live life to the fullest to write a good book. I've been trying to do both. I think that - instead of always going back to connect all of my short sentences into a longer sentence - rewriting the final draft of "10th Commandment" will require me to speak a little more often.

The good news is that they all love my descriptions and they're intrigued by the story. First chapters are very important in capturing the interest of the reader, especially in a time when even bad writers get to publish books and readers simply flip through first pages to look for which book looks most interesting to read.

The Book Genome Project has analyzed "10th Commandment" back in 2014 as most like "Mr. Mercedes" by Stephen King. I was real surprised when the Book Genome Project said that, 'cause I thought it was simply going to be compared with a less popular novel. I couldn't believe that analysis for a long time, but the readers' feedback confirmed it. I hope the following chapters manage to hold that interest as we all get deeper into what's hidden in Evelyn's home.

I can never be as good as King, though. He's the greatest of the greats in fiction novels.
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