Sunday, July 5, 2015

What We're Hiding

Camp NaNoWriMo word count: 1,937

I wonder why people keep suspecting that I'm hiding way too many secrets. With my lifestyle and this blog, what the hell could I still manage to hide hahahaha

Actually, I did try to hide two things last June. That was why I was so weird that month. Those two things are: a part of my novel is already published in two websites, and something new that I discovered about myself while writing my blog recently.

When I started publishing poems, I published them as an anonymous poet. Writers like me have a thing for going anonymous every now and then, because we're introverts. It was how I managed to focus on which kinds of poetry people liked, and which parts of my works I should emphasize. Most of the poems I'm publishing now came through that process. I'll do the same with novels. Don't worry, I'll make the novel public when it's ready.

As for what I learned about myself last April ... well, that's too personal. We're all constantly growing up each day. This is what my poem, "The Adolescent," was talking about. It described a young chicken who kept growing feathers. It was a metaphor for growing up. This guy I spoke with online about it was like, "Isn't it wonderful? Blogging actually helped you discover something new about yourself. Cherish it and just be you."

Oh, and by the way, I was hiding a third thing. I was just noticing some unusual patterns in my web pages. I've been noting down my observations of them all month last June whenever I wasn't busy with anything else and have also been keeping a list of the top possible people who could be behind them.

Anyway, I was just listening to this. It was one of the songs we had to study in Harvard Classics. Yes, we actually listened to Madonna haha

(Photo credit: me. Another mountain I climbed ... well, I forgot when ...)
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