Thursday, August 13, 2015

Blogging Horrors

August 10, 2015. (2:50A.M.)
It's Monday and I haven't had any bit of sleep. Yesss. *sarcastic tone*

I'm trying to write a blog post, but it seems that every good topic I come up with is either too dangerous, or is actually just a rumor. This always happens to me when writing blog posts. I was reading my old journal entries from May, and came upon an entry where I was freaking out, "That's just blogging, isn't it? You thought you've written the perfect post about what someone said, and then *poof!* Google said that she actually never said it!"

My Delete button is overused. But isn't it better to keep deleting, than to have to face everyone and explain what you wrote? O how I fear such a moment. That's why I always double-check the things I write before publishing. I double check too much (it's not "double" anymore), that I tend to actually miss some small mistakes. For example, I didn't see that my two previous posts were dated "July" even though I wrote them in August.

I remember pausing on May 3, a few days after my first whole month on blogging daily, and being like, "Now, let's look back and marvel at of the catastrophe you wrote, Charlene." Miraculously, I didn't say anything that horrible in March and April. Even though I barely realized what I was already writing, I didn't end up selling anyone out haha I almost did in one post, but no one noticed it and I simply deleted it. *wide grin*

My worst month in blogging has to be June, definitely. I still haven't looked back on my posts last month, though. I've been coming up with all sorts of excuses to not read them. Heaven forbid.
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