Thursday, August 27, 2015

How We Work

August 24, 2015
I have just been scheduling posts on HootSuite and, now, just went off OneNote to write this blog post. I keep my records of everyone and everything in OneNote, where there are passwords.

OneNote is awesome because it can be used even without Internet, it can be customized, and it can be protected with passwords. Yes, passwords. As in, there can be a password for every section of OneNote. And OneNote can have unlimited sections.

Images, videos, and even audio tracks can be stored in OneNote. My favorite feature is the tags. The tags of OneNote are consisted of colorful, little pictures of things like pad locks and people that can be chosen to be placed next to sentences that need to be remembered. I use it for Harvard, when I'm recording everything that my professor says and I outline different logics of them with different colors of digital higlighters.

I also use OneNote for plotting my novels. I create knowledge maps of the plots, where they start, the characters and places that they involve, and how everything should lead to the final point. I just love knowledge maps.

Of course, OneNote also has all the details about my readers. Independent authors do every job that traditional novelists hire professionals for, and one of them is traffic analysis. I keep demographics of my readers and update them when something changes.

This is only a piece of how writers like me work.
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