Sunday, August 23, 2015

Staying in Good Terms

August 20, 2015. 11:50P.M.
My topic for this post is supposed to be "trust." There is something about the word that makes me wince. "Trust" is totally not a part of my personal language because I never trust, and because I understand if other people also never trust. I just don't feel like concentrating into the whole idea of trust.

Isn't it dangerous to trust? Trust is the complete dependence on someone's honesty. Humans are created imperfect and there will always be bad things wherever there are humans, so completely depending on someone's goodness takes a great deal of self-sacrifice. That's just from my opinion, of course. Anyone is welcome to correct me on this, because "trust" is just such an unknown word to me. It's not my specialty.

People say that I trust too easily. To be frank, I don't call it "trust." I call it "surrender." I always give people a chance to be mean to me, so that I can know if they're not worth my time. If the person gives me more good things than bad things, then we're friends. If the person brings nothing but damage, then to hell with him. I do only one of three things with the latter: leave him, kick him out of the place, or just kick him. ... Oh, okay, not so harsh. I really should try out forgiveness.

Harvard Classics professor Gregory Nagy said that the best way to good human relations is to keep focusing on only the good side. Most people, when meeting a person for the first time, always look for what is negative to find a reason to be mean and indifferent. There are actually few people like us, who like to see all sides and hold on to only the good side to remain in good terms.
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