Sunday, August 16, 2015

The Past, the Present, and the Future

August 10, 2015. (11:43P.M.)
After writing my post for Wednesday, I had a bit of nap and then traveled to Cainta. There was this tall building there, and I climbed to the fifth floor. It had a wonderful view of the Sierra Madre mountain range. Such irreplaceable view. I had French fries in one of their fast food restaurants. It was a bit annoying, though, 'cause the customers had squeezed the gravy dispenser dry and the staff was too busy annoying the other customers to add more gravy. I'm not even exaggerating the description. It was weird.

After that, I went home, and I've been here before my laptop. I'm going about my usual work and just wrote a poem for Apollo. I never write a poem "about" Apollo, I just write a poem "for" Apollo.

Apollo is the Greek god of poetry itself, and I always end up writing for the god when I can't figure out something. My old poems for him always mentioned mirrors, water, and other things that create reflection. Because art reflects life and vice versa, and also, my original reason for writing poems was reflection.

They are similar to my poem, "Dear Calliope," which seeks the help of the most important goddess among the Muses (the goddess who is in charge of kings and what kings say during negotiations; she has to do with choosing the right words to say) in helping a friend in need.

Erm ... my friend had asked me to write a love poem to help her get some guy's attention, and ... well, I just couldn't figure out if I should do it. "Dear Calliope" decided that I should just do it. That was 2013, I think. My friend didn't tell me if they ended up together, even though we're still friends. They probably didn't, since I wasn't completely into the idea of being some ghost poet between lovers LOL
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