Sunday, August 2, 2015


I won in Camp NaNoWriMo July 2015. Starting on Wednesday, all of my blog posts will be scheduled for the whole month and I'll publish only poems. That's all that I'm gonna say. The end. *bow*

LOL! Okay. Today, I went through my old hometown and had lunch at the mall. It's nice to be in a place where you've been since you're a kid. The old people treat you like you're still a kid hahaha

The weather was good and the winds felt like the whole town was air-conditioned, so I decided to sneak away to the mountains. Ever since I finished "10th Commandment," I've been feeling like being a little more reckless. Having a project to stay focused on had kept me cautious and a bit moody for four months, because I couldn't afford to forget something and make a mistake. I'm my weirdest when I'm writing a novel.

Now, though, I'm back to being cheerful and escaping. I miss escaping to faraway places, running across highways, chasing buses, and just facing the elements while being among people who don't know me and not letting the people at home know where I've been. It's nice to travel on a road not because you're going somewhere, but because you simply want to know how far you can go. It's nice to discover new places, find new passages, and make new friends. I've known since I was young that I'm far safer among strangers than among people who know me. *looks around me to check if any of my friends saw what I wrote hehe* Just kidding, guys.

Now, I'm back home and busy looking innocent, wearing my no-I-didn't-go-nowhere face. I was on Spotify at 1am before making my escape, and now I'm back on Spotify. Just playlisting. I still haven't done my end-of-the-month blog checkup, but thanks for reading anyway! :D Tomorrow, I'll be back to writing novels.

I'll be finishing "Only the Good" and please wish me luck because that story is horribly violent and traumatic. Once I finish it, I'll adjust "10th Commandment" according to my beta readers' feedback, and then I'll publish the novel.
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