Sunday, September 6, 2015

My World As a Writer

September 6. 4pm
I should have scheduled this blog post last weekend, but now I'm still writing it after skipping my early Sunday schedule. I'm sorry for missing 8am of Philippine time.

I just finished scheduling my tweets on HootSuite and will add my Facebook posts after writing these blog posts. I gotta write three blog posts in one go. Before logging in to HootSuite, I was on Twitter and Facebook.

It's nice to watch the writers in my Twitter feed. It's seeing the publishing world develop, get reshaped, and increase in size and power. There was a prediction back in 2009 that the world will become less and less literate as we all welcome modern technology. This prediction was based only on the idea that we'll be leaving our books. What few people realized was that writers will only keep up with the times and move books to the Internet. The publishing world is more diverse and advanced than ever.

On Facebook, all that I remember seeing in my News Feed are Stephen King, John Gilstrap, and Jessica Khoury. John Gilstrap seems to be more active on Facebook than on Twitter. His last tweet on Twitter was in May. Jessica Khoury seems active everywhere, on both sides of writing (the craft and the promotion). She's also on Instagram.

Stephen King brings his signature creativity everywhere, even in his interview in the NYT. I wonder what his secret is.
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