Thursday, September 10, 2015

Writing and Programming

September 6. 5pm
After scheduling my posts and tweets, I'll be back to preparing my project for Computer Science. I wouldn't be writing lots of things here about my course, because we have rules against students who talk too much about information that is supposed to be kept only within the course.

All that I can say about Computer Science is that it's fun and addictive. I love the logic, pattern and how we are encouraged to stay out of redundancy. My friends know too well how much I freak out about every exam in the course and how I think I'm doomed because of those exams, but that's just me. I have some form of personal ritual in which I panic before anything happens, so that I can remain calm once it does happen. It's just like lament in premonition of epic poetry.

Lament in premonition is a feature of Classical Greek epic in which female characters mourn future deaths even before anyone dies. I don't know if the ancient Greeks did it for the same reason as mine, but I actually wrote a poem titled "Lament in Premonition" in regards to how some of my poems unwittingly foresaw something. My poem does not sing of death, though.

Anyway, computer programming is a lot like writing novels. I get an idea, I write down a set of tasks to achieve the idea, and then I lay the plan to see if it's possible and if it works. Just like with novels, I have to keep stepping back and observing if the finished project created the exact same impression that was originally in my idea.

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