Sunday, December 13, 2015

Finding Time to Write During the Holidays

As we get older, Christmas becomes a lot busier. The daily tasks even get to the point of overflowing beyond what an average human can accomplish in a day. The entries just spill beyond the page of the daily to-do list. It also becomes harder to find the time to write.

Everyone is arranging their get-togethers. Just to be not labeled a "Grinch," the poor writer is forced into joining in with everyone in these events and loses the time for precious writing.

When this becomes a problem, it is wise to take advantage of the technology that is available today. RescueTime is a wonderful website that is for keeping track of the time spent on a computer, identifying the percentage of it that is spent on useless things, and spotting the free time for writing that seem to just go invisible whenever we're too worried about our plans. Because sometimes, our minds are so full of our thoughts, that we don't notice time at all. RescueTime is a time tracker.

Of course, many of us do things only because of the rewards that we get in exchange for doing them. The human brain is designed to perform whatever is needed to get what it desires, and that's why humans remain cooperative despite our inner nature to become very imperfect. It will be best to use this feature of the natural design of the human brain to do what we're supposed to be doing. irunurun is the best tool for this approach in sticking with our writing schedule during the busy holidays.

We love points and irunurun gives it to us in exchange for finishing our daily and weekly tasks. The website has enough personalization options for the choosy and creative writer, but it still maintains its stand as an app that's supposed to discipline and make the writer write.

The Actions in irunurun can't be changed within the week of their creation. They can be changed only on Monday of the next week. It's like living in a boarding school that has a very strict headmistress (or headmaster, in case of a boys' boarding school).

These are the apps that can help squeeze in time for writing during the busiest days of the year. They're used by other professionals, but they are currently helping keep these blog posts coming.

On December 16, the Simbang Gabi will start. Simbang Gabi is available only in the Philippines. It is a Holy Mass that takes place hours before sunrise. It was originally created for farmers, so that the farmers can attend the Holy Mass without missing out on their farming duties.

The Simbang Gabi tradition has been kept despite the modernization of the country and is still one of the most beloved features of Filipino culture. Modern Filipinos still wake up early in the morning to attend Simbang Gabi, and there is currently this religious belief that prayers come true if all nine Simbang Gabi are attended.

There is no way of knowing if this belief is true, but the Simbang Gabi adds to the busy Christmas schedule of the average Filipino.

The Simbang Gabi makes the Christmas of Filipino Catholic writers busier than the Christmas of their foreign counterparts. Even Filipino writers who are not Catholic are affected by this nationwide tradition. The crowds and traffic make waiting hours longer. That is why some writers do more writing on their smartphones during waiting time than on their computers during working hours.

One of the most wonderful things about the job of a writer is it can be done anywhere and anytime.

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