Sunday, December 6, 2015

Post-NaNoWriMo 2015

NaNoWriMo 2015 is officially over! The website of NaNoWriMo adds more and more features each year. Author profiles now have Personal Achievement Badges. Authors can choose to either show them on their public profiles, or hide them for private self-appreciation.

Last year, the sponsors and the prizes that they gave to both participants and winners were fewer than the giveaways in 2013. This year, the number of sponsors and prizes are bigger than in both 2014 and 2013. Also, the winner goodies are more exciting than ever!

The promo of FastPencil has got to be the most exciting new NaNoWriMo Winner prize of them all. Still, nothing beats the excitement of claiming those wonderful ebooks from Kobo. Kobo gives away 10 free ebooks to NaNoWriMo winners each year.

The web badges from NaNoWriMo 2014 were the prettiest of them all, but at least, there is a new web badge design this year. It will be boring if the web badge design is the same each year, and it will be hard to figure out which is which. Thanks to the people behind NaNoWriMo and their designers and artists, there is a unique look every year!

It will be wonderful to compare the number of winners with the number of winners who get published each year, both in traditional publishing and self-publishing. It will also be wonderful to know how many Now What? and Camp NaNoWriMo events winners attend before finally deciding to publish their novels. Because it has always been a point of discussion how much NaNoWriMo helps budding novelists.

The fact that publishers truly wait in NaNoWriMo to search for new talents is a sign that the event does help successfully produce some remarkable works. New publishers that have opened this year have joined also by being some of the event sponsors.

The best part of each NaNoWriMo event is the motivation it provides. It is hard to write a novel during this time, especially for someone who exists in a world where there are few novelists. Life is moving so fast and there are a whole lot of distractions. Joining NaNoWriMo is like taking a bus. It's a world where everyone wants to go to the same direction.

After the NaNoWriMo, most of the novelists are moving on to their next schedules. Some go on a leave for Christmas, while some work double to produce Christmas promos.

Christmas is always a great time for marketing strategies because people are in a festive mood and are very much in the mood to make deals and buy. The next holiday for these kinds of opportunities is Valentine's Day.

Authors actually give Christmas discounts, and some even give away free books for a limited time. Just Google them. There are also a few authors who allow free access to their books ahead of the date of publication, but one has to be subscribed and fully tuned in to publishing updates in order to claim those special offers from the creators themselves.

The ones who make Christmas giveaways are truly admirable because it's hard to work during Christmas. Schedules change, people change, resources that were previously accessible 24/7 are suddenly not available, family and friends require bonding time before the year ends, the cash flow gets close to behaving like some rapids, and everyone is obliged to celebrate. It is hard, especially for beginners, to resist the inner sheep. There is a feeling of being too different and missing out on a lot of stuff.

On the other hand, there are authors who find working in this time of year simply fun.
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