Sunday, January 17, 2016

A Daughter

Those emerald green eyes,
Glancing at him, thoughtful ...
And then filling with smile.
Red lips so soft and full,
Exposing pearly whites.
She's a relieving sight.

Both the smooth, high cheekbones
And her child-like, soft cheeks.
His daughter is all grown,
Making men's hearts so weak.
Touch of pink on her skin.
He'll protect her from schemes.

She was his life's sunshine,
Making his mornings fine.
His life she did define.

He'll do anything for her.
Her red, cascading curls
Gracefully sliding where,
Like a sail, they unfurl.
Sweet voice he can still hear,
Though she's no longer here.

(Note: Starting today until February, this blog will publish only my original poems.)
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