Sunday, January 10, 2016

How to Write Even More

Being an author requires a lot of writing. As in, totally lots of writing. It's the kind of writing that's more writing than what students are made to write in any kind of school. They say, "You gotta love what you do." There are those instances, though, when loving a job isn't enough. It should be paired with finding the time to do it.

An average day in an average person's life is not perfect for finishing enough writing. Here are little tricks for getting more time in certain moments of days and nights for doing even more writing.

  • For the left-handed, learn to write with the right hand. For the right-handed, learn to write with the left hand. Sometimes, the reason for stopping during a writing session is because the hand has become too tired. Well, a human has two hands. When the right hand gets tired, write with the left.
  • Write while waiting in a queue. Queues are just unbearable, and writing during this time is a good distraction from feeling miserable about such a long wait.
  • Write during traffic. As more and more people get vehicles, the traffic has turned into some sort of a living hell. Just imagine all of the wonderful and important things that can be done within all those hours that are spent waiting in traffic. Such hours can be used for writing in traffic instead.
  • During a meeting. Okay, so this is a bit dangerous to do in strict companies. In places where the meetings are incredibly boring and no one checks if anyone pays attention (and nothing new is ever said, so paying attention doesn't matter at all), the time spent here can add more chapters to that fantasy manuscript.
  • While downloading. Downloads often take almost forever, but this is actually a perfect writing time.
  • While uploading. Uploads also take a long time and can sometimes make even the most calm person panic. Watching those upload lines fill up a bit within every fraction of a second is a test to sanity, but writing while the computer does its thing will have the double benefit of finishing something important and distracting oneself from extreme impatience.
These are the usual moments to get some extra time for writing. Most of these ideas require a strong concentration, though. So here are tips on having strong concentration.

  • Listen to music. There are certain types of music that raise concentration levels, but they depend on the listener. Some people concentrate better while listening to rock music, while some prefer listening to jazz. Not because it's good for someone does not mean it will be good for everybody else.
  • Stop watching TV. The commercials that keep interrupting a good TV show condition the mind to never think the same ideas for long periods of time. It makes the mind weaker at grasping ideas. Undoing this effect can be done by spending a whole day in the library reading books (even if such "books" are just comics and celeb gossip magazines).
  • Practice using the mind to shut out all distracting thoughts. Not all thoughts are good for a person, so learn to get rid of the bad thoughts. It's just like ending all processes in the task manager to help only one program function better, and the task manager in this situation is the mind.
  • While mentally constructing a story line, don't look at moving things. Look at only one, stationary thing. The best ones are white walls and the sky.

These are the two lists for getting more writing done and also concentrating.

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