Sunday, April 10, 2016

NaPoWriMo 2016 - 10th Day

Long Distance

If I were Julius Caesar, the great man,
Guess I would not be assassinated,
For all I ever do is clean more than
The cleaner places that the gods fated
To be in those grand, beautiful pictures.
My old and weakened spirit the thing cures.

My beloved feline looks to the door.
Must be another visit from the client.
My children’s toys no longer on the floor,
For they have become grown-ups and silent.
Now, I shall answer this one visitor.
In the late night, I hear his good motor.

But you are not my client, who are you?
Oh, no! Don’t take me! Pleeease, don’t you take me!
What wrong have I done? Please give me a clue.
Fast, shadowy men of mystery.
In this fast-moving car I am now locked!
Heeelp meee, my Zenaida! I am kidnapped!!!

Don’t take away my phone! My wife needs me!
You don’t know Zenaida. She’ll be worried.
And who’s this familiar stranger I see?
Ha! I knew it! The imposter to get rid
Of Zenaida’s worries. How clever of you!
Don’t be too confident! We are not through!

… My, my, my … Just what am I standing on?
It sways like melted jelly, and moving
Like it’s made to make me dizzy. You con!
… Now, please, please, please! I can’t take this swaying.
Not anymore! Not in this tight blindfold.
I’m sweating although my skin feels so cold.

Alright, I get it. We’re floating in sea.
You’re taking me to another country.
O how I appreciate the odyssey.
This is how the sea changes you like tree,
Breaking the natural growth with waves.
For sarcastic remarks my heart now craves.

LAND! We’re finally on land! Good ol’ friend ...
How I missed the unmoving ground and soil,
The sweet, gentle scent of the trees that bend …
Sight of the shining sun makes me recoil
As you untie my blindfold and set free
This miserable captive, I agree.

Gotten used to your ways, but now you leave?
How could you leave me alone on this land?!
Visions of your boat I still make believe,
Turning back, make me a part of your band,
But in loneliness I am left alone ...
Walking round and round and stepping on a rare stone.

And another rare stone. Golden in hand.
And there’s more of them stones inside the mine!
Finding wealth in this new treasure island,
Good for you, all these wealth will just be mine.
It’s finders keepers, boys, finders keepers!
Though I began to speak with the whispers.

On this day, I conquered, I came, I saw.
In my dreams, I hear my wife’s voice attack
The caretaker-turned-Robinson Crusoe,
With the same old words she used, “Get back Jack!”
How did I let that woman govern me ...?
In this land, I am myself, I am free.

My wife broke the record for the longest whine.
Just one day with her words is already worth
The fifth column and the first forty-nine.
With a wife like her, how could this be earth?
She’s related to the aliens outside.
You trust me, I’ve lived with her all my life.

Yes, Zenaida, you can still yell at me,
For this love is a tale of two cities
It is the best of times, as you will see,
For I can hear your annoying voice cease
As I live the lonely life on this land,
Shadows of Mr. Mercedes still stand.

They’re chasing me when I am not looking.
I am sending short stories of this woe
In our house so you can still be reading,
Although the garden I no longer grow,
No more food, for I’m no longer the baker,
So just say goodbye to your caretaker.

Don’t make a big deal of my dear feline,
For it’s the case of the caretaker’s cat!
What is Felix’ business, just let him win.
He’ll want the rocking chair where I once sat.
When the kids find out their father ain’t theirs,
It’s the case of the horrified heirs.

As for me, I’ve built my own house right here.
Who would have thought, I can still lose the fear
Of being far from all of you, you hear?


Thanks to NaPoWriMo and Lillian Hallberg for the wonderful poetry prompt!

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