Saturday, April 16, 2016

NaPoWriMo 2016 - 16th Day

A Day in the Life of Lisa

Like little children who need discipline,
They will find many ways only to cheat.
"Go, men, and keep this whole camp very clean!
Scrubbing, sweeping, and trimming isn't a feat!
For it is a shame you work under me,
And my superiors already agree."
Wait, what? What was the dream I just got?
Me being a sergeant in the army?
Wearing combat clothes that make me look fat?
I'd rather have baby doll dress for me.
The pretty, floral curtains in my room.
But I will sweep the floor now with my broom.
Walking past the living room and TV.
The news is on CNN 'bout the quake,
And my father updating his CV,
For Japan is much farther than the lake;
No one in this family is worried,
And with our own lives we still proceed.
Heading to the window, drinking water,
Wishing I can get to the balcony.
There is no door where I can get to there,
Because it's fake and it's very funny.
At least, this window has garden that grows.
Every day, there's more redness to this rose.
As it reaches out to the warmth of sun
On this bright, clear, and beautiful new day.
Well, isn't his voice musical and fun?
Upbeat with talent, making my heart sway ...
Who is this boy making this song for me?
Why is it only now that you I see ...?
"Dear Daddy, no! Don't throw a glass of water!
He is in love and don't hurt his feelings.
Oh, no! Don't throw a bucket of water!
You should hear how sweet he is when he sings.
Now, he's got that bucket over his head!
If he steps on the cats and snakes, he's dead!
He might not see his way near our pond!
He'll be swimming with our dear salmon!"
Oh, just why did I end up in this land ...
It's my dad each of my suitors summon.
It's not like "Snow White and the Seven Dwarves."
Now, I will go to my closet of scarves
And get out of this annoying building!
Might be the real CIA headquarters,
Because my parents can know everything.
They just don't care how much my love matters.
Hurried down the stairs, past the landlady.
Outside, trees. Lots of trees. Walking steady ...
For I'm going to find this nice boy.
He is so talented and he's so sweet.
Oh, God, please! I hope I can work this ploy.
Oh, there he is! The two of us can meet ...
... The fishball vendor?! How did they look same?!
I lost him and my parents are to blame.
Near the wall with "HEPE," eating rice meal.
Alone, annoyed, and so miserable.
But I'm getting the feeling that I feel.
Deep beneath the soil and all the rubble.
He is coming. My lover is coming.
Not that one. The other one. I'm leaving ...
I'd better go home before he can find out
That I have been chasing some other boy.
And from this store I come hurrying out
Farewell, rice. Farewell, store. And farewell, boy.
I'm going back to my dear, tall building.
The place where I have been safely hiding.
Oh, no! That boy's in the hallway again!
No, not the other two, the third one.
He can spy like some annoying agent
And our real nicknames are only one.
God, why did there have to be two of us?!
Please, bring my life back to the way it was!
Now running up the other flight of stairs,
And sprinting straight to our home. The place ...
Back to the same old family affairs.
Reading Mark Mathabane on Sundays,
Writing poems before the rooster sings,

Waking up when the Centennial Clock rings.
Almanac Questionnaire:
Weather: Sunny and hot.

Flora: A red rose.

Architecture: Condominiums in the Philippines have fake balconies.

Customs: In some traditional places in the Philippines, boys sing love songs to girls they want to date ... and the girls' parents tend to throw water at such boys.

Mammals/reptiles/fish: Cats/snakes/salmon

Childhood dream: I had a recurring dream in which I was an army sergeant and I wouldn't grant any of my soldiers a sick leave because they weren't really sick. They were just very lazy.

Found on the street: The fishball vendor!

Export: Rice.

Graffiti: "HEPE"

Lover: ... That guy.

Conspiracy: There is a conspiracy theory that the official CIA headquarters might not really be the official CIA headquarters. The real one is most possibly the one we don't know.

Dress: A baby doll dress.

Hometown memory: The boy across the street who had exactly the same nickname as me. I was very irritated by the idea that there were two of us.

Notable person: Mark Mathabane.

Outside your window, you find: Trees. Lots of trees.

Today's news headline: Something about the earthquake in Japan.

Scrap from a letter: "Dear Daddy"

Animal from a myth: Cerberus

Story read to children at night: "Snow White and the Seven Dwarves"

You walk three minutes down an alley and you find: My landlady.

You walk to the border and hear: Gunshots.

What you fear: That I don't write this poem on time.

Picture on your city's postcard: The Centennial Clock.
Thanks to NaPoWriMo for the poetry prompt!
Note: It's not true that some Filipino parents throw water at their daughter's suitors. They actually throw something more gross.

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