Sunday, April 17, 2016

NaPoWriMo 2016 - 17th Day

Emo a Decade Later

All dizzying colors
Like many radios,
Playing at once with force.
Feels like a rodeo
About to be thrown off.
At least, my boss won't scoff.
For it's my fresh air break.
Concealed out of office,
Every breath that I make ...
Just dealing with the fleas
As my lungs fill with smoke.
At least, I'm not so broke.
Watching the boys outside.
Why do they come from Mars?
This galaxy's so wide.
Why do we fight in wars,
When there's other planets?
Mother Nature collects
The worst boys on this Earth.
Like that one baby beard ...
How long it's been since birth?
Girls, we all know they're weird.
I'm dying 'bout the freaks,
Can't stop these hysterics!
Happens when I'm boytrapped.
Having to say the worst
Of the worst of all the crap,
And I'm about to burst.
Let me go somewhere nice,
To stoner's paradise.
Haven't eaten 'til now.
How I love a snakemeal!
Eating this whole thing how,
How does it make me feel?
Exactly like a snake!
And it's not even fake.
Have to go back to work.
Sneaking in the chat room,
Hope the boss doesn't lurk,
Or I'm having the broom
To sweep the whole office.
Hope that won't happen, please.
Everybody offline.
Not even my boyfriend.
It's when my dog does fine,
And to his break I send
With his boyfriend credit.
Now, he's not on Reddit.
The only thing that cures
His severe eddiction.
Grammar so neat and pure.
Excels in prediction.
But that bad night lingers
On icicle fingers.
When he's been stuck in there,
Freaky cold library.
Isn't it just unfair?
Lonely and so dreary,
It's not good and not fine
When everyone's offline.
Thanks to NaPoWriMo for the poetry prompt!

Words (and phrases):
fresh air break
baby beard
I'm dying
stoner's paradise
boyfriend credit
icicle fingers

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