Monday, April 18, 2016

NaPoWriMo 2016 - 18th Day


Like an elevator,
Traveling backwards fast,
And the present sounds tore
Like a cake collapses,
And this smells like some mess.
A far cry from before,
Spying through glass shutters
In silent house of fore.
The other thing matters,
As sweet as morning dew,
Like the sweet scent of you.
Just do unto others,
Always be nice and kind,
For you don't want others
To have yourself to bind
Within their own evil.
This is what they reveal.
Always pray, for He hears
All your most silent words
And all your deepest fears.
Powerful than the lords,
He'll save you if you're good,
And it's evil to brood.
Let go of your shyness,
Let go of all your doubts,
And dance, for you can bless
What this life is about,
Even though you don't know.
For one day, you will grow.
And learn to sing like us.
Memorize the lyrics.
Can't be the way it was.
Memorize this for weeks,
And fill this house with songs,
Forgetting all their wrongs.
Complexities of Math.
Always remember these.
Listen. And hold your wrath.
Never let your mind miss.
I want you to do best,
Far better than the rest.
And I want you to spell
Like you're four grades higher.
Go, write clearly and well.
As these day gets colder,
We practice 'till you tire,
Building your mental wire.
Don't you talk to strangers,
And never eat their food.
A bad person lingers ...
They seem like they are good,
But you don't want to know,
And never try to know.
Napunta kaming plaza.
Yun nga lang, tingnan mo.
Yung langit, naulan.
Sa Kamu-kamu,
Dun kami napunta.
Mamaya, sama ka?
Ay, bakit naman, ay?!
Anong sinasabi
Nung baliw nyang tatay?!
Kami inaapi.
Sila ang masama.
Weh, hindi naman eh ...
"Huwag kayong babalik,"
Sabi nung babae.
Yung may batik-batik
Na damit kanina?
... Sige na nga, 'di na ...
Thanks to NaPoWriMo for the poetry prompt!
My Camp NaNoWriMo 2016 April progress: 12261
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