Friday, April 22, 2016

NaPoWriMo 2016 - 22nd Day

Still Alive

Swooping, huge waves. Power,
Sliding, swaying, splashing,
Undulating lower,
Leap into ocean blue
As the waters flow through.
Strong music of the sea
Sprinkles across the shore.
Honey, can you still see?
Live fishes wash ashore!
Breathe the life-giving air
On this day new and fair.
Thunder in the distance.
Violet clouds approach.
Quicker, here they advance,
A pelting form of reproach.
Whistling winds that turn, swirl,
And the white sprinkles twirl.
They're splashing here and there,
No one gets away clean.
Lightning, the flashing glare.
Making the green woods lean,
Bend, and break to the words,
A thousand thunder lords.
And the sky laughs the winds,
Freezing in every drip,
Caught guilt of one who sinned.
Forcing to take the trip
Within the rocking storm
In every mood and form.
For no man can stop it,
Throwing roofs in the air
When it decides to quit.
Still without a care.
But once life seems to end,
The deep darkness can bend ...
To welcome a new day,
Where the sunrise goes up,
Cast blue over the gray,
And make the killing stop.
Growing warm like mercy,
Honey, can you still see?
The flowers bloom anew,
Sending colors to life.
Who would have thought, who knew,
There's an end to that strife?
In all these endless fields,
The worn out soul still yields
To the beautiful side,
Like the flesh of mortals.
From the dark, great divide,
Bright and scented petals,
And the new green grass sways
To their musical grace
And the leaves of the trees
That grew back in the place,
Worshipping life we miss
During the dark, cold days,
For today, they relieve,
And today, we still live!
So live every second,
Every moment and life,
When the branches beckon,
Ridges jut out like knife,
Sloping into meadows,
And a flower that grows ...
Thanks to NaPoWriMo for the poetry prompt!
My Camp NaNoWriMo April 2016 progress: 19632
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